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2017-08-09 12:46:03

Ten + One Program

Youthfulness is the eternal health of a nation. This condition of health being eternal or sustain only when the youth of the nation consummate with strong skills obtained through the dedicated education and training. The respective youth will not fall before others for their livelihood. Will not worry. Such skilful youth is a pride, honour, strength to own generation as well to the entire country. 

But the majority of the youth worldwide suffer due to unemployment. And they depress due to low-quality jobs, discrepancies in the job market, insecurity, difficulties to seek a job after school education and to depend on others. This situation caused youth unrest as well the social crisis. Hindrance to the development of a country. Hence, the countries work on this endeavor to produce "skillful youth" to uplift the country and the youth to an honorable level. We believe that the immense responsibility of uplifting Sri Lanka is on the Ministry of Skills Developme